Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our Week

First off--we've had not one, but two snow storms in one week.  And yes, it's mid April.  This is what I saw when I looked out of my window this morning....

And earlier this week:
 I've honestly been feeling so restless being stuck in the house.  I was going to venture out and take photos the other day but dredging through 5 feet of snow carrying a camera is pretty exhausting.  I've been getting impatient waiting for flowers and baby animals.  I just want to walk outside without a winter coat or boots on.  We've had 6 months of grey, white, slush, and cold. 

{It even snowed when I was in AZ in Feb} 
 I'm cursed.

So with no choice but to be stuck inside-- I made a shepherd's pie :-)
Trust me-the photos make this pie look much more appetizing than it actually was.  I was so excited to eat this, but didn't realize that the beef stock I bought was sodium/fat free.  It was like beef flavored water.  So disappointed.  Luckily, I was able to salvage it by making gravy to mix in after the realization...but still, you don't make Shepherd's Pie when you're being health conscious. 

And to top off the naughty eating with the rest of the week, we went out for an ice cream date <3.  

We didn't care that it was 15 degrees out.

My favorite place to get ice cream in Minneapolis is Sebastian Joe's.  It was the first public place I was introduced to when I relocated and it's the only place that has ever wowed me with their ice cream.  This place puts Cold Stone and Ben and Jerry's to shame. 

I got the salted caramel and Logan got the oreo cookie.  To DIE FOR.

After Ice cream we took a little stroll and followed up with some window shopping which turned into real shopping :-)
Just so LOVELY outside....

This is what I wanted to buy.

but ended up with this instead :-)  
{I'm a huge gnome lover}

This weather has been quite a bummer though.  I've been trying to stay busy with painting projects:

{I got this little guy from Michael's and have been slowly blocking off sections and working on them}

I got this cattle skull when I was in Arizona.  For $20 I think?!  Such a deal.  But I thought some flowers and vines would liven him up.  Still not finished, not sure what my next step will be with him. 

And today---such a lazy day.  My last day off before my 5 day stretch of 5 am work days :-|  I've been spending it by catching up on missed episodes of Game of Thrones and Once Upon a Time.  My two obsessions.

Our lazy munches

 Looking at the photos of the lazy cats makes me want to crawl into bed.  <3  Hopefully it will be warm soon and we can update with some photo adventures.


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