Monday, April 15, 2013

Our Year

I might have lied on the last post when I said that it was going to be our longest post---I think this one definitely tops it. 

Come this June, marks 1 year ago that we packed up a U-haul, a tiny car, and our cats and left Milwaukee forever to move to Minneapolis.  It honestly only feels like we've only been here 6 months max.

some of the last photos before we left Milwaukee forever:
{apology ahead of time for the phone photo quality.  Not the greatest, but some of the only ones were have from the fun times in that town.}

My favorite painting in the 3rd Ward in Milwaukee.  I wish this was a poster.  I would be the first to buy it plus a zillion copies.

Logan's Viking's themed birthday bash that I threw him. (And yes-Viking's decor in a WI bar, I got enough crap from people that night while setting up!  It's not my fault Logan loves them more than the Packers)

       My going away outing--I think that was my last night out in Milwaukee.     Makenzie, Cassie, Me, Casey, Geri, and Natalie <3

                                     Logan and fellow film-maker friend, Mark.

The one night that Logan and I tried to set up my friends Joe and Makenzie.  Yeah, that didn't work out.  But was still fun anyway!

Our friend Gio's wedding that Logan stood up in
(And yes, my hair color has changed quite frequently between this and my natural dark)

Me and Makenzie at Summerfest--the largest music festival in world--not even making that up

Makenzie and I on our way to Chicago, via train, drinking cheap champagne.  In plastic cups.  CLASSY.

My final birthday party in Milwaukee.  This night was actually kind of terrible.  One of my friends ended up getting really sick and had her mother drive 45 minutes to come pick her up at like midnight.  such a bummer.  

And worst of all--Logan had a scare that sent him into the emergency room.  Two different doctors without knowing what the problem was.  He is fine now, but I basically became his live in maid/cook after that ;)

The fun process of unpacking.
And the 9837483 movies that we needed find a home for.  If it were up to me, I'd take out all of the discs and neatly store them into a dvd binder.  But that is a No-Go with Logan!  Those movies took up two huge boxes alone in moving. grrr
And after getting a little bit more settled, an overview of our little box of a home <3

{And finally, a tour of our new town}
this is around the corner from our place, we're within a 5 minute walk to the lake
Lake Minnetonka.  so pretty.
{our first summer, followed by our first and very long winter.}

Our first little Thanksgiving in MN according to our camera
{It was my first time making a turkey, ever.  But it turned out really great.  And Instead of traditional stuffing, I baked individual servings <3}

Our first Christmas (and my birthday) in MN according to Instagram
We made Gingerbread houses at Logan's parents, I took time to wrap gifts for once and I made my favorite MAC and Cheese for xmas dinner at Logan's aunt and uncle's.  

And the long winter according to our camera...

 I'm pretty sure that Minnesota just skips fall.  It's mid April. And we just had another snow storm last week.  We really are feeling ready to move again already!

New Year's weekend:

Logan's friend Mark and his girlfriend Dawn made the trip from Milwaukee to Minnesota to eat Juicy Lucies.  I'd never heard of a Juicy Lucy until then and I didn't want to find out.  It's a grease drenched burger filled with cheese.  And there are two places "famous" for their version of the Juicy Lucy.  And we went to both.  First was Matt's and the second was the 5-8 Club.  I didn't eat a juicy at the 5-8 but a lot of people seem to enjoy their food.  I'm just a picky eater, so I won't give my opinion on that place.  However-Matt's was pretty tasty. 

And lastly...Logan and I aren't big partiers or night people, but there is a cute irish pub/restaurant down the street off the lake that we like to go to when we do want to get out the house.
Logan's highschool friends: Jeff, Kojo, and Kojo's girlfriend, Heidi.

We will miss milwaukee for bars opening up at noon, liquor stores being open on Sunday, tailgating for hours at WI stadiums (MN doesn't seem to have that for some reason), cheese, good beer (New Glarus), the smell of yeast when driving on Hwy 94, Summerfest, Irish Fest, Italian Fest, Bristol Renaissance Faire (Brandi will miss this most of all), and lastly-our friends.  Most of them have moved as well or are planning to so we knew Milwaukee was over for us.  Minnesota isn't forever, but it was necessary for us to save money and to be near Logan's family after he had been away from them for over 4 years.  We have one more year here in Minnesota--so we'll see what happens <3

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